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Uh-oh for Windows?

For most people, the two biggest advantages of a PC over a Mac are that Macs cost more, and you can't play (most) games on a Mac.  Most Mac owners I know either have a separate gaming rig or dual boot to Windows just for video games.

Today marks an inflection point in the Mac vs PC war: Steam has been ported to Mac!  The only games I play on a PC anymore are those from Valve (Left 4 Dead, Counterstrike, Half-life, etc) and from Blizzard (Starcraft, Warcraft, etc).  Most other games are better experienced on a console.  Well, both of those sets of games are now going to be released for the Mac on the same day as the PC!

As someone who owns Microsoft stock, this is a big problem.  You do not want an OS where your main differentiator is that it's cheaper, or to rely on mass-market inertia.  My computer use is split amongst internet use, coding, creativity software, office software, and video games.  If I were to buy a computer today, for the first time, I would actually consider a Mac.  For the first time, Mac has achieved parity with PC across my usage scenarios. 

This is a dangerous time for Microsoft.. tread carefully.


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