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My love for dependencies ...

Once upon a time, we had a developer whose full-time job was debugging random issues in some particular feature.  That feature had a dependency on an external team who had no vested interest in this feature, and therefore using their library was a bit like using chopsticks (their library) to eat steak (of course our feature is the delicious steak).  Sure, you can use the chopsticks, but every time you do you question whether you'd be better off without them and just eating the steak with your hands.

Couldn't get any worse, right?

So, when a different team approached us with a product that was a perfect fork and knife that they used to eat steak every day for the last three years, we chomped at the bit to get a hold of it.  Long story short, their utensils were made of plastic and were constantly breaking, and now we have two developers whose full-time jobs are debugging random issues in this feature. 

We long for the days of having chopsticks to eat our steak.  Do not take dependencies lightly.


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