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OK, now this is getting ridiculous..

Last time, they tore apart the roof and put it at my front door. This time, they got rid of the door!

In it's place was a tarp that was stapled on all sides to the frame. The problem is, this is the only way out! Trapped inside, I mulled about, ate breakfast, checked my email, but still my door was not to be found. Figuring I had to leave for work, I eventually pried the tarp off and crawled underneath. None of the workers seemed bothered -- did they expect everyone to do that? Strange..

My roof, my roof, my roof is on ... the ground?

I don't really know what goes on in my neighborhood, mainly because I never make it to the 7pm home owner meetings.  One morning, I was awoken by a loud pounding that shook the whole room.  When I opened my front door, this is what I found:

Apparently, a huge pile of my roof was lying there -- about two feet high... I hope it doesn't rain this week?